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Hot, Mad and Pissed!  That would describe my contact with the flooring company that we chose to install our tile, wood, and carpet.  We have had a few tiles decide to break free from the floor.  My lovely bride started working with the company a few months ago to get some warranty work done.  She even got a scheduled date for repairs in June.  Somehow, the contractor was involved in an automobile accident and of course nobody called to let us know he wasn’t coming.  SO, she finally got scheduled again TODAY for him to be there at 9 a.m.  She volunteered me to be at the house for the repairs.  At 9:30 a.m. I called her to make sure she had the day and time correct – YES.  So, I made a call to the company.  I was told that the person that I needed to talk to was out of the store, but that they would find out what the problem was and call me back.  I didn’t get a call back, so at 10 a.m. I called and got 1 kind of sideways about this whole fiasco.  At 10:15, I got called by the person that I was originally suppose to talk to and he let me know that Frank, the contractor, was at another job and would not be there – REALLY – 2nd kind of sideways!  The salesman wanted to have him stop by sometime this evening but didn’t know how late it may be.  I called the manager’s cell phone and left a rather convincing message about customer service – 3rd kind of sideways!  I got a call at 11 a.m. letting me know that Frank would be there between 12 and 1 – GREAT.  Then Frank showed up at 1:25 p.m. in a weathered dodge Durango, a company t-shirt, camo shorts, and smelled like an ashtray.  You have got to be kidding me is all I could think!  But, he was very polite, personable and knowledgeable.  He informed me that is only a single act at the 3 ring circus of a company that he worked for – did a nice job and the floor is now repaired.  I asked what he thought caused the tiles to break free, EARTHQUAKES.  I guess we are lucky that only 3 tiles have come loose of the over 750 tiles that we had installed.  Sometimes in life you will have to get sideways, it’s not fun and nobody likes it – but occasionally we all have to be Chuck Norris! Have a great day everybody!!!

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