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This is what it feels like every morning during kidding season. It’s going to be a surprise. You really have no idea what you are about to unwrap when you open the door – surprise – I kidded 5 days early and I didn’t want to! Surprise – I am a flush kid and I ate the other embryo that you put in – you paid for two and I’m the only one coming out of there.  Surprise – I decided to dump my water bucket and break my heat lamp last night for absolutely no reason, oh and I have been banging my head on the panel between me and my sister, cause I have decided I don’t like her anymore, you are going to need to repair that – SORRY.  Surprise – I don’t know how my kid hung himself in the gate, but it happened late last night.  Surprise – I had triplets and I don’t intend on taking care of all of them.  Surprise – I was your best show doe and I cant seem to have this baby that is to big and coming head first with legs back – please rush me to the vet! Surprise – I had two solid red doe kids and I promise I didn’t see any other bucks!  Surprise – I don’t have enough milk and I think I’m getting mastitis.  Surprise – my kid got my wind pipes and he is going to bah for no reason constantly just like I do most of the time! Surprise – I am your best donor bred to your best buck and our kids got all of the recessive traits – good luck selling those online! Surprise – I have toxemia and I think I have decided I am giving up my right to live – good luck saving me and these awesome anticipated babies I’m carrying. Surprise – I had these two handsome buck kids all by myself last night, I cleaned them off, nursed them and put them to bed – I would like a bite of alfalfa, some grain and a fresh bucket of water – thanks for taking such great care of me – says 5% of the goats at my house! – These make you want to stay in the business! I hope everyone is having better luck with their flush kids than us and that luck and mother nature are on your side – happy days!


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Surprise , your neighbors pygmy billy somehow bred your best producing dairy nanny through the fence and the neighbor doesn't want to be held responsible for the damages. Probably cost me at least $128 in lost revenues on this years crop. So I cedared up a doe and tied her out to the fence at night in heat to make that little pygmy billy get all worked up so I could catch him and band him.  No more pygmy accidents this year, case closed, the neighbor and I are now even.
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