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If you have ever called our office and spoke with the most professional, cheerful, kind, courteous, friendly, thoughtful, considerate, and happy go lucky person, chances are, it wasn’t me!  But if you have ever had a chance to speak with Erin, those would be words of description to describe her – EVERYDAY!!!  I was teaching Agricultural Education at Perry High School when our paths first crossed – she was a member of an outstanding group of young people. Her class was among one of the most talented groups of young women in FFA that I would have the ability to teach, coach and advise.  We hired Erin on May 14th, 2009 as a young, ambitious, outgoing and eager to learn individual that wanted to discover how to build websites.  She had just finished her sophomore year of high school and wanted a summer job.  Might be one of the single greatest hires of my lifetime.  One of the biggest challenges for a business leader is to ensure that you have the right mix of talents and characters on your team.  A successful team has to have a variety of strengths in different skill sets working toward a shared goal.  Erin is a valuable team member at Milligan Ventures!  She has matured into a beautiful young woman, terrific mother, incredible colleague and great friend.  Today is her Birthday; she came in this morning like business as usual and has taken the afternoon off to celebrate her birthday.  We are very blessed and thankful to have Erin as a member of our staff – We wish her a Happy Birthday and hope she has a Great Day! 

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