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Yes, the rain is gone and the heat is here – and the goats would rather have the heat than the rain.  It’s hotter than 1253 at our place and that is saying something.  1253 has longer ranges of heat than any doe we have ever seen, like this nanny will stay in heat long enough to tire out a young buck, she will ride the buck, she will ride the other does, she might even try to mount the feeding crew – HOT. It’s hotter than a three dollar pistol – which is slang for referring to a cheap pistol put together from mismatching parts and when fired becomes hot enough for a person to start making up adjectives!!!! It’s hotter than Emily Sutton delivering the weather report!  It’s hotter than two goats in a pepper patch.  It’s so hot that our chickens laid hard-boiled eggs.  It’s hotter than a barn cat on a hot tin rooftop.  It’s so hot out there; I saw two black jack trees fighting over a dog.  It’s hotter than two cats fighting in a wool sock.  It’s hotter than Poe after a back waxing. It’s hotter than Mrs. I having to come pick-up Big I at the ranch.  It’s hotter than Mrs. Ring fighting for weekend time with Big Erick.  It’s hotter than Kelln having to deal with does.  It’s hotter than an afternoon stroll at Fleming Livestock.  It’s hotter than a copper mug at the Kennedy backyard gazebo.  I’m telling you, it’s hotter than donut grease out there.  It’s hotter out there than Jennifer Aniston – wait a second, it’s not that hot out there, but it is pretty hot.  I hope everyone is able to find some shade, a cool spot, and a big drink of water – Have a Great Day.

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