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Many of us have heard the expression “Too Many Irons In the Fire” – which originates from describing a blacksmith working on several pieces at the same time.  Too many irons in the fire is normally expressed as a negative connotation as a person that is overwhelmed with too many tasks going on simultaneously.  Having other irons in the fire can be a positive response to a project that could be taken on if availability opens up in the schedule.  With the evolution of technologies, modes of communication and transportation, it is easy to get too many irons in the fire today.  Our cultural developments have made all of us less patient, less forgiving, less loyal, and more demanding.  Our attention spans have shrunk and our need for NOW is greater than ever.  When raising goats, there are lots of irons to put into the fire, of course with planning and preparation, we can minimize the adversities and maximize our time and efforts.  When starting a show goat production program, it is important to identify your target markets.  This will help with maximizing potential gains in marketing the offspring.  The show goat market is very broad and goats ranging in age from September born through July have a market place.  With planning, any program can reap success.  Many producers in the show goat industry are hobby producers and do not depend on the success of the program to pay the everyday living necessities and essentials.  Therefore, often times little in-depth preparation and planning goes into the program and the fly by the seat of the pants approach is implemented.  Many will breed goats, kid them out and the marketing and merchandising is somewhat of an afterthought.  Panic sets in, frustration levels peak and disbursement becomes a viable option. Plus, add all of the other facets of daily life to the overgrown hobby and you find yourself with too many irons in the fire.  Let us all turn down the heat, regain some focus, target our efforts, develop a plan – and crank the heat to high and maximize our efforts! – Happy Hump Day everybody.

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