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Is when you will experience some of the dumbest personal peeve explosions in your life!  TODAY, I had one of those little explosions in our office.  I don’t think anyone would describe me as patient or tactful – BUT – I have been working on both of those and my 3 sons have helped me become better! Today, I had to use the bathroom at the office and this is when the wheels started to come off the short bus for me.  I am thankful for those in our office, ALL OF THEM, and I am equally thankful that everyone picks up after themselves, and I APPRECIATE the effort to keep toilet paper and paper towels stocked on the holder and in reserve.  HOWEVER, the only way toilet paper and paper towels should be in use is in the OVER position.  It just works better in the over position, TODAY – BOTH were in the under position – I don’t know why, I LOST IT! Am I the only person in America that gives a crap (No Pun Intended) how the toilet paper and paper towels are dispensed? I mean for crying out loud, It doesn’t even make sense to feed from the under side.  Ever stay in a nice hotel, go to the bathroom – the toilet paper will have a nice little triangle folded on top of the roll ready to be dispensed over the top like it should be, ready to roll off the role in an emergency, you can spin it faster over the top, it doesn’t touch the dirty WALL like it would be dispensing from under!!!! I looked it up on the Internet, there is a patent on how Toilet Paper should be dispensed – I didn’t know this until today – IT IS OVER not UNDER!!!! Seth Wheeler patented the toilet paper dispensing method on December 22, 1891 – WHAT A CHRISTMAS GIFT THAT WAS!!!! I blew up today on everybody in the office – We are now all onboard for how to reinstall the paper consumables in our office! NEXT blow up coming down the pipeline is toilet seat management at our home – Elliott and Grayson will be able to teach a class on bathroom management when they are grown! Just my opinion, every structure that is erected should start with the design and flow of clean, user-friendly restroom. They should be handicap accessible, elderly and kid friendly with lots of room, variable height sinks, toilets, urinals, trash cans, paper consumables and hand dryers. OKAY – Rant over and yes I know, this has nothing to do with goats, but every goat producer uses the restroom, goats wouldn’t use them if we built them, they pee and poop everywhere! Have a Great Day.

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