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Ever heard the term pet used in the goat industry?  After raising these things for the past 10 years, I have grown to use the term pet regularly.  Often times it is used in the form of a question – “Would you like to get in the pen and pet on these things?”  I use the term Pet in the form of a verb, as in would you like to stroke or pat on the goat with affection.  The most common use of the word Pet is probably as a noun or adjective – I don’t have many of those!  I have since modified the term to label some people as a petter. A petter is what I refer to as a person that can make you almost feel uncomfortable in the way that they handle the goat.  If you have sold very many, chances are good that you have seen a petter.  They enter the pen calling the goat to them like a lost puppy, once the goat is captured, they stroke the head, pat the side, caress the topline, grope the hind leg, stroke areas not handled by most and are very gentle.  The petter would rather hold the animals themselves.  Things can get really wacky when you hold the goat while the petter does what they do, only thing stranger is a carload of petter’s traveling together, the goat will get a full body massage.  I have not studied the success of the petter but one thing is for sure, I have sold some petter goats in the Retired Show Doe Sale and they are really easy to picture for the online promotional photo.  Probably the most gentle and domesticated goats on the planet, most have pet names, eat vanilla wafers and don’t like confrontation at the feed trough.  So, next time you observe someone handling a goat, take note if they are petting or handling.  Special Note here – we don’t let anyone handle or pet the bucks, there isn’t enough hand sanitizer on the planet to remove the nose hair curling stench that is associated with bucks dispensing a mist of staining tainted moisture into their face in an effort to activate the Flehmen Response.  If you haven’t seen this process, it’s comical, strange and really gross.  It usually ends with the goat’s head held high in the sky, top lip curled up and a really dumb funny look on the goats face.  I tried this once in Julie’s presence, it did not end like I thought it would.  I like to pet on goats, so next time you get asked if you would like to pet on one, don’t be shy, get in there and get you some - I highly recommend it! -- Have a GREAT DAY!!! 

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