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This would describe my mental state the last 30 days.  With the results in number of live births from our flush kids and the wet weather, on any given day – dispersal has been in my thoughts.  So, it was good to head south last week and look at the bucks that Foundation Genetics offered in their online sale.  Nice set of bucks, also had a chance to stop and visit with Kevin Mock and gain some valuable insight on marketing and promotion. Made a stop by LaCopa Ranch and WOW – what a facility.  Lots of stock to look at and lots of buck prospects. Made it by to see a set of flush kids at Earl Peacocks and concluded the trip with a stop by to see a few okies.  The consistent factor was Water – LOTS of it!  I am not alone in dealing with this weather; goats are very challenging to manage in a wet environment.  Rest assured, if you are raising goats this year, you are not alone in frustration with the weather.  Good goats will sell well this year – really well, there will be fewer of them – I am hopeful that the weather pattern will find some normal and give us all a break to recover from the overflowing blessing of rain, we needed it.  Raising goats is a mental and emotional roller coaster with incredible highs and deep lows, the goal is to find more valleys.  Today – is a valley and I’m hopeful for lots of highs in the future for everyone

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