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I will never forget the first buck show that I actually sat down to watch at the Tulsa State Fair many years ago.  I was teaching Ag. at Perry and had some time to kill on that Saturday, so I watched the buck show.  I enjoy watching judges sort livestock and take mental notes of how they handle the goats and how quickly they make decisions.  Usually you can find a pattern of how an individual sorts the stock.  This particular judge would evaluate the bucks on the chain and then instruct the exhibitors to “Turn them loose” – and I found this very entertaining to watch as a spectator.  Especially as we got into the puberty aged buck kids, at one point on the “Turn them loose” command he had a four goat train of buck kids stacked up on each other in the corner.  It was amusing to watch everyone in the ring attempting to pull the young, ambitious, over-achieving buck kids apart – CLASSIC.  They quit turning them loose as the classes got older, probably a good thing.  I have always wondered how many does get bred at the open shows late at night in those horse stalls.  Goats are a very mischievous creature.  We turned bucks in the second week of this month and we have had a couple of jailbreaks of our own.  Our buck named “SpongeBob” has turned into a magician. We have found him in three different pens amongst does that were not intended for his yogurt, you would not want to turn him loose in a show ring – something or somebody will get bred.  Just last night, we were listening to the romantic chatter of the bucks out in the lots and I noticed a whitetail deer on the far side of the pasture, I think “SpongeBob” was calling her in – I hope she stayed on the other side of the fence, cause if she were to enter his lair, it would be like shark week – there would be an attack!!! I hope the heat is finding goats liking the drier weather in Oklahoma and I hope lots of people are experiencing does getting settled with the extreme heat index – Have a Great Hump Day!!!

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