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Cattle Panel


At some point in raising goats, we have all had cattle panels in place for pens, gates, holes in low fence, etc... The name of the panel should have kept us all away - BUT - they are less expensive than 4x4 sheep and goat panels and by design, LESS EFFECTIVE.  I often times wonder how a tiny little mouse can get in some of the places they do and that same holds true to a full grown goat with horns getting their head through a cattle panel and not be able to get out.  For some, getting their head stuck in the panel must be like a kid wanting candy, but the response after getting their head stuck has to sound something like Homer Simpson (DDOOUUGGHH I did it again)!  No matter how kind or stern the removal of the goat with a questionable IQ, one thing I can promise you will happen, it will be raining at night and you will hear a lonely call in the dark and it will be the lone idiot in the herd that always has their head stuck - at our house it is Tag 2, "the cattle panel addict"


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I completely understand.  So it was the fall of 2007 and this guy thought lets get in the goat business.  It kinda starts with no facilities, no feed, no bedding, no real place to keep them and just make something work.  Enter CATTLE PANEL.  I got a couple HOG HUTS from my father in-law and some 16' wire cattle panels for the pen.  I knew this would work.  After four or five days in a row of getting does out of the fence I had another GENIUS idea.  Why not get barb wire and weave it through the bottom of the panels?  Believe me, at first I thought I hung the moon!!  Then I was ready to just get a sleeping bag and wait for them to get their head caught and cut them out with bolt cutters.  By the way, at this time I have some cattle panels for sale that would work great for a calf creep gate!!  Needless to say, spend the money on 4x4 wire panels and rest easy!!

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