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Sometimes you just have to ask yourself – Why do I do this?


Sometimes raising goats is fun!  Sometimes things go according to plan.  Sometimes goats fall in love because they are locked in a pen together and forced to like each other and 5 months later the doe has the kids all by herself in an open lot while you were sleeping in the middle of the night and they are all cleaned off and up nursing and everything is right with the world.  Sometimes the kids look great at 2 weeks old and they look good the day you wean them and they look good the day you sell them and they look good the day they win!  Sometimes you invest in a really good buck and he actually sires kids that resemble him.  Sometimes you cash out your retirement plan and purchase a donor doe and she actually produces enough embryos to justify the flush and the recipients carry the embryos full term and the kids are as good as she was the day you fell in love with her.  Sometimes its just like all of the children’s books that were read to you or you are reading to your kids.  AND then sometimes it’s like reality and you ask yourself why Noah allowed goats on the Ark, they cannot live without US!  Sometimes your new donor is the only goat attacked by the responsible pit bull owner’s lap dog.  Sometimes you go out to feed in the morning and you realize that the goat that was up and running yesterday now has no will to live.  Sometimes you realize that the buck you spent your lottery winnings on couldn’t sire as good as himself even if you cloned him.  Sometimes you realize your retirement plan donor was never ever actually intended to ever be a mother.  Sometimes you just have bad luck.  Sometimes you just can’t stop some goats from getting their head stuck in something, they were just supposed to be an ostrich.  Sometimes you realize that the bucks and does are only alive to demolish equipment and facilities and cause you extreme anguish and cost you lots of money. Sometimes you realize why kids love goats and sometimes you wonder how anyone could even like goats.  Sometimes you realize that sometimes goats just decide to go on a mission to die, for no reason at all, they simply give up the will to live.  Sometimes you realize that you are just doing your alumni duties by contributing to your OSU Vet Hospital on all of your goat problems and that the funds are going to the greater good of higher education.  And Sometimes your spouse will begin to question your decision making process and begin to hatch a plot that the goats are just a cover up for a much larger problem that doesn’t exist but there is no other explanation for a sane person to comprehend.  Sometimes I really like goats and sometimes I’m not sure if I could eat one if it were the last source of food on the planet and that is why we do it – Because sometime its more complicated than the simplest game on the planet - GOLF – all you have to do is drive the little white ball through the forest, over the water, clear the sand and put it in the oversized hole – IT’S JUST AWESOME!!!



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