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I live in Warner Oklahoma. We are trying to have my son (who is 5) show our unregistered wethers and nannies. We are in muskogee county. I need help does my son need to be in a club? Where do we show? Can he only show in jackpots? This is our first time showing goats. I have shown horses and it is not this hard... Please Help... he really wants to show goats and we just went and bought two new nubian wethers just for him to show...

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In order to show at your county, district and state shows, your kid must be in 4-H or FFA.  Nine is the minimum age for 4-H.  Most jackpot shows are open to younger kids.  Contact your county extension office about your county rules.  It isn't hard to find out.  Good luck with those nubian wethers.


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I don't know what alot of the rules are down there in Oklahoma, but alot of the jackpot shows don't have a age limit on them, as far as how young a person can be, but Kelln is right that kids have to be nine to be in 4-H, And alot of Open shows have market goat classes and there is no age limit on them also. And like Kelln said good with those nubian wethers.


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Different counties are different.  In our county the child must me in Kindergarten to begin showing. 
Also, just a side note, the nubians won't compete in the meat market class.   
Some shows do however have dairy doe shows.    or most places will have a doe or market show.  Usually held under meat standards.     Good Luck to your son.  Just let him have fun and you will learn more and more each time ya'll show. 

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Good luck with your goats and hope that you have a positive experience in the showring!  If you look on the internet you will find that many schools are hosting jackpots and welcome children of all ages to show.  These will help "get your feet wet" so to say.  Spiro is having a show this weekend in Poteau and I believe Eufaula is having a show next weekend.  They will be close to you and many people will help you get started.  Hope your child has lots of fun!


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I am having much of the same problem. My daughter is 6 and the closest we could get to 4 h was signing her up to be, who they call, a Clover bud. I spoke to someone at my county extension and I got a lot of, "Umms and I don't knows"   She has two Boer goats. One is USBGA registered Buck and the other is not registrable and is banded as we speak. I keep turning up a lot of dead ends. Ill find where she can show in OYMGA but her banded goat isn't quite old enough he's like 2 weeks old so we still need to work with him. and She could show the USBGA goat as a junior member but I can't find any USBGA shows here in Oklahoma. 
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