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If you are interested in insuring your goats - that is not a problem. 
First the minimum premium is $200.00 (just remember that).  So if the value x the rate is below $200 - you will be charged $200.00. 

Now for short term full mortality the rates are as follows:
two weeks 2.00%
30 days 2.50%
60 days 3.10%
90 days 3.75%
1 year 13%

This is the same for sheep as well. 

Yes I can insure them if they are being shipped OUTSIDE of the United States as well as being shipped into the United States.

If you insure your animal within 30 days of purchasing it from an auction - then you do NOT need a vet certificate.  If it is AFTER 30 days from purchasing it from a sale - I have a simple paper for your vet to fill out.  And yes, you can insure your own animals if raised.  You set the value.

Feel free to visit my site
or email me
or text or call 217-737-7581


Dara C. Entwistle
Insurance Agent
Insuring Ag


217-737-7581 (c)
217-330-5168 (o)
309-409-9984 (f) 


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