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As in the Willy Wonka Candy Company, yes, some great child hood memories with a few lines of wonka’s candy.  If my mom wanted to set the stage for some WCW in our house it was to bring home some fun dip, bottle caps, pixy stix, nerds, shockers, laffy taffy, sweettarts, gobstoppers or one of my favorites still today SPREE’s!  We would create new moves in our house that would be outlawed in the WCW arena. My brothers and sister survived more head locks, scissor clamps, drop kicks, kudegra’s, piledrives, leglocks, snow plows, and off the top of the back of the sofa powerslams than most kids could endure over some Wonka Candy and sometimes just because I was the big man on campus.  Sometimes it’s the little things in life that you never forget, great memories.  It’s mass chaos in Perry this week with the week long County Fair, a celebration of the Cherokee Strip Land Run with a parade will happen on Saturday morning and we will have a Rodeo on Friday and Saturday evening – this is the best time of year – PERIOD.  County fairs are in full swing, state fairs are approaching and the end is near for summer projects and the spring project list is about to begin.  I also can't help but be reminded of the anniversary of the 9-11 incident rapidly approaching, let us look for the bright side of life, the positive in our children, the good in our career, the awesome in people, the respect for veterans, thankfulness for our opportunities and freedom and let us rejoice in the gift of grace from the One above.  Take time this week to enjoy the little things in life, like some Willy Wonka candy – life is to short to not take breaks and enjoy the ride.

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